It Takes a Village

In light of the recent Jayme Closs kidnapping case, I wanted to share and talk about a subject many of us shy away from.  Danger. The following are two true and personal stories, followed by some practical advice.  It isn't meant to be taken as a scare message, but rather to offer hope in a … Continue reading It Takes a Village


Married to Spring

It was an April day.  I was suffering something awful from spring fever as I sat plopped inside a college classroom.  I could almost smell the newly growing wild flowers from my desk.  The sun penetrated the windows and tickled my face.  I longed to escape the confined and almost chalky feeling only a small … Continue reading Married to Spring

The Little Ornament

As I hung ornaments on my tree this year, I was excited.  Ah, Christmas time.  There is no feeling on earth like it.  The lights.  The snow.  The carols.  The presents.  The ornaments on the tree.  The precious time together with family and friends.  What a truly gorgeous and festive time of year. But step … Continue reading The Little Ornament